Impact of Obamacare on Senior Citizens

There will be human costs in America’s Version of Canada’s Situation.

Medicare is an indispensable part of American health care.  This entitlement program insures close to 50 milllion senior citizens and people with disabilities.  But Medicare faces serious challenges.  Because of the continuing rising  costs with no end in sight the program is no financially sustainable in its current form.  It is over $30 Trillion in the hole.

Baby Boomers will be signing up in record numbers as they turn 65 over the next 20 years.  Medicare requires real and far-reaching reform that will make Medicare more efficient and less costly.  But the Obama Administration and Polosi and Reed did not approach reform from that perspective.

Because of the Liberal (Progressive) base of the democratic party, their goal was to create a new universal health care entitlement, and they saw Medicare as a piggy bank to pay for it.  For example, ObamaCare will assign seniors to new and untested plans with no guaranatee that the government will get their permission to do so or even inform them that the assignment has occurred.

It will create uncountable boards that will make decisions about how much or how little their doctors will be paid.  It will make cuts throughout the program that will limit access to care.

So, Yes!  Seniors are upset about ObamaCare now that we have had a glimpse at what’s in it.  I am a senior citizen and I am really mad at the subterfuge, late night votes, arm twisting, promises made by politicians that they now can’t be kept when they made them, and overall shady practices throughout the entire process.

What arrogance with the bunch of them.  On a good note….. Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committe recently changed the argument on Capitol hill when he presented his plan to cut spending and take a real look at the entitlements that previous administrations have left us with – both Democrats and Republicans.  He is being attacked by President Obama and all of the other Democratic Politicians.  That’s a good sign that he is on the right track!  The Democrats are struggling to keep up with our Paul Ryan.   Keep it up for us, Paul!

Stay tuned.

Bob Harris

Things You Should Know……………………

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, and had only ONE testicle.

Source:  ”Why Obamacare is Wrong for America”

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